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HEY, I'm Kimberly Price

I'm an Iowa mama of 4 crazy kids + anti-aging expert + speaker + podcaster+ master of all things WELLness, on a mission to help you Be A Thriver!

We all experience roadblocks, setbacks and self-doubt, but YOU MATTER and there is no time like the present to unapologetically step into who YOU are and what YOU are made of, so that you can have the health, business, relationships and life you dream of!!

Be A Thriver was created just for YOU, with a vision for connecting, empowering and supporting YOU on your journey to ``Living Healthy`` + ``Aging Gracefully`` + Thrive!

Things that make me… me.

  • Staying up too late brainstorming and creating.
  • Creating traditions and lasting memories with family.
  • Sharing life and good wine with close friends.
  • Exploring the beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Enjoying healthy eats and sometimes not so healthy eats
  • Taking the world in behind an adventurous lens.  What’s life without a little risk=)
  • Getting lost in quiet meditation.
  • Sipping a good cup of coffee, preferably from a good local coffee shop.
  • Curling up with a good book.
  • Laughing at, and sometimes with myself.
  • Understanding that my time on this earth is finite, and I need to make the biggest damn impact I can today, because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us!


Well………I was born an Iowa girl, but life and a whole lot of adventurous experiences have taken me all over the globe.  Eventually, I made my way back home, married a boy from my hometown, started our own separate businesses, bought a house and had four kids in 6 years.  Yes, you read that correctly FOUR kids.  At that time I didn’t think we were crazy, we were doing all the things everyone else was doing, and living the American dream.  I honestly thought my busy chaotic life was all just part of the game…….until June 25th, 2009, when……………

………… came to a screeching with the words, “you have cancer.”  Diagnosed with a Stage IV treatable, yet not curable cancer, I quickly realized my life had taken an unexpected turn, and I would need to reroute as soon as possible.

I, like many would say this was my light-bulb moment, second chance or wake-up call. But more than any of these, I would say it was my moment to turn a struggle into the opportunity to love harder, forgive more often, connect deeper and live each day to positively inspire, empower and teach people how to live their best lives.

Despite the very real fears that creep in from time to time, my four children are a constant reminder, and my inspiration to gracefully embrace each and every day with open arms, willing and ready to do everything in my power so that I can share what I have learned and make positive changes that not only impact my well-being, but also the world around me!


I am schooled daily by my four crazy kids. They have taught me lessons of patience, perseverance, grace, forgiveness and love. I am eternally grateful God chose me to be their mama, but still in awe at times how these little blessings in one minute can have you feeling a joy so high you think you’ll never come down, and seconds later a frustration so deep you can’t believe they are your own.

Do I like to slow down……well not really. I will admit I have learned I go too much, and know this is not a good thing….. I am committed and actively working to be better, but some habits are hard to break. I have been creating and dreaming since I can remember. I thrive on good energy,constant activity and the love of people. (my kids call it chaos)

I am about whole body wellness and clean eating. I love wheatgrass, green juice, my infrared sauna and whole healthy foods. I am a strong believer in what the body is able to do and heal when supported well.

I am creative, outgoing, loyal, and strong. I love a good challenge and don’t give up easily. I am passionate about what I believe in, and live to inspire and empower people to believe in the impossible.

I won’t lie, life hasn’t been a cake-walk, but I get one shot at this life, so I’ve chosen to view these “life challenges” as my OPPORTUNITIES to live bigger, love harder, forgive often, connect deeper and live each day to inspire and impact others. And ladies, that means YOU TOO!


The secret to living healthy + aging gracefully + thriving in all areas of your life is closer than you think…….It’s not a quick fix, or a magic pill, but a super power that lies within you, that when accessed and mastered, helps you unlock the freedom and the opportunity to experience growth and success in all areas of your life. I know we all have the power to change our own lives, and Be Thriver’s in today’s world.

Whether you are currently struggling with a setback, or just looking for a way to prevent what you don’t want in your life, I am committed to showing you how to Be A Thriver so that you can live the powerful, impactful, meaningful Whole life you desire every single day!

Let’s Raise the Tide Together!

Where do I want to take you?

Onward and upward, of course…to create the powerfully beautiful life you have always dreamed of…..and deserve!

We can’t control all the things that are going to happen in our lives,
but we do have the choice in how we live the life we have.

Be Motivated

Uncover what holds you back, appreciate what’s in front of you and discover what sets you free!

Be Energized

Eat better, move better, feel better. Find the fuel to move forward faster.

Be Confident

Stand tall, ask for what you want and find the freedom to be YOU.

Be Real

Embrace your truths, own your inner badass and positively impact the world around you.

Be You!

Pursue the soul shaking things in your health, relationships and business every single day!